HHAP – Harlem Health Advocacy Partners
2017, Advertising, Posters, 24 x 30 inches

This is a series of outdoor posters designed for HHAP – Harlem Health Advocacy Partners, an organization under the NYC Department of Health. To help the residents of Harlem know more about HHAP, I created these visual graphic posters, including a brand lock up and various illustration icons to promote the services provided by HHAP.

The strategic thinking behind this poster series is how these posters could represent the Harlem community? That’s why these bold and vibrant color combinations and collage-like illustrations are used throughout these posters, reflecting the unique art and pop culture of Harlem. Then, how can they attract attention from the residents? That’s why the illustrated graphic icons, each representing a specific social service from HHAP, are so effective to communicate and send messages to the audience about HHAP services. With all the comprehensive strategies and appealing visuals, this series of posters could easily attract audiences and deliver the messaging clearly.